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The History of Ceylon Tea

The evolution of tea in Ceylon is an extraordinary story. While tea is the obvious focus in this tale, it is in fact the culminating result; the icing on the cake if you will; of what was a remarkable plantation enterprise that commenced under British colonial rule post-1796. This enterprise embarked with coffee growing as its core harvest, and indeed, the first coffee plantation preceded tea by nearly half a century. Ceylon coffee progressed to being amongst the world’s best, before the ‘coffee rust disease’ decimated the industry, by the 1870s.

This gave rise to the tea industry of Ceylon, which not only flourished, but proceeded to gain repute as the world’s finest tea. While James Taylor is the rightfully acknowledged pioneer, the success of the industry had numerous benefactors, across multiple fields. Roads, railways, bridges and tunnels; botanists, engineers, surveyors, and even politicians. It was this cohesion and collective contribution from the various professional spheres that enabled the industry to prosper as it did.

The Estate Register is a record of most, if not all of the plantations established, at some point in time or another. These records have been obtained from the Ferguson’s Directories. Several plantations had their beginnings in coffee before switching to tea. Many are still in operation, while some have merged with neighboring plantations, and others have ceased to exist altogether.

The Estate Register data is extracted from the Ferguson’s Directories. The first phase of the Register took in available data from 1871 through to 1930 – with gaps in-between. For example, while we had the data for 1871-72, the next available year was 1880-81. In phases to follow, it is our intention to extend this data pre 1871 and post 1930, as well as fill in data for the gap years. The Ferguson’s Directories commenced in 1859 and concluded in 1999-2000, and our objective is to have the data from every volume recorded in our Estate and Planters Registers’. Data entry has been a painstaking process – not the least due to the poor condition of the documents from which the information was extracted. Consequently, the information is not flawless, and the process of cleaning up the database will be an on-going exercise for the foreseeable future.

Ceylon tea has made its way into the cups (and hearts) of billions of people for well over a century! While our daily dose of tea is a part and parcel of life, what led to the widespread presence of Ceylon tea? Here we lay the milestones. Read on below to find out!

1824 – The first tea bush was planted at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, as an ornamental crop.

1867 – With coffee plantations being struck by a disease, the subsequent downfall of these crops encouraged Scotsman James Taylor to cultivate tea at Kandy’s Loolecondera Estate.

1880 – With the tea industry gradually gaining popularity in Ceylon, the first tea rolling machine was introduced by John Walker & Co.

1883 – The first auction of Ceylon Tea was held at Somerville & Co.

1893 – One million tea packets were successfully sold at the Chicago World Fair. By now, the production of Ceylon tea had become well established. Many coffee plantations were converted to cultivate tea, and machinery was imported from England for processing.

1894 – The Ceylon Tea Traders Association was established.

1899 – Up to 400,000 acres of land was utilised for tea cultivation by this year, thereby signifying a massive surge in production of the same.

1925 – The Tea Research Institute was established, now giving tea manufacturers a government body that was able to regulate, monitor and enhance the quality of tea produced for the masses.

1927 – By this year, more than 100,000 metric tonnes of tea was being exported from Sri Lanka.

1960 – The quantity of tea being exported doubled to up to 200,000 metric tonnes.

1966 – Sri Lanka celebrated 100 years of tea production by launching the first international tea convention

Ceylon Tea Benefits

Ceylon is used not only in health but also in the beauty industry. It was as far back as the year 1824 in which the British brought a tea plant from China to Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is prized for its rich aroma and taste. It comes from the same tea plant as many of the most popular teas; however they all vary in taste, due to numerous factors including the oxidation process. It has stronger taste than other teas and has very similar health benefits to black tea, but is favoured for their superior quality and flavour. Ceylon teacomes in black, green and white varieties; they range only slightly in taste. Ceylon green tea has a much stronger flavour than other green teas and is thought to be a specific 

Ceylon black is an excellent defence against cancer, as it contains theaflavins and thearubigins, which are powerful antioxidants that help to fight free radicals that can damage DNA , and may cause cancer in the body. They have also been shown to lower the risks of heart disease and reduce the size of tumours. By drinking Ceylon tea chances of catching influenza drastically reduce and it may also increase alpha-wave activity in your brain, allowing you to remain more alert. 

The health benefits of Ceylon green and white are their strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities. They are quite similar in composition and have been shown to also help with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism through the antioxidants it contains. For more information on the weight loss see the tea in weight loss section. They also have anti-inflammatory qualities which help with arthritis by reducing the risk of it developing or slowing it down. Ceylon white tea in particular has shown to be successful in helping skin look younger and firmer, thus fighting the signs of ageing such as sagging skin and wrinkles, by slowing the loss of collagen. 

Ceylon contains half to a third of the amount of caffeine a regular cup of coffee has, thus whilst still having the waking up effect it is soft and gentle on the body, ensuring a smooth and peaceful transition from a more relaxed state to feeling more equipped with energy that was not present at the time before the consumption of the tea. It is also very important that the quality of the water used to brew the tea in is of high quality and preferably purified, thus enhancing the taste of the tea with a soft crispness and supporting the flavours of the tea that is being brewed. 

When purchasing Ceylon tea, it is very important to consider quality of prime importance, and here at we give you just that. We provide you not only with an extremely delicious and addictive Ceylon tea but also with uttermost client satisfaction and ensure that you are one hundred per cent happy, so in turn we are too. We aim to make your tea tasting experience with us the best you have ever had, and once you have tasted the difference, we can assure you that you will be coming back for more as the content of your beautiful tea collection grows and you are able to call yourself a self confessed tea addict. And the result will show, you are sure to glow, from inside out. That is the promise we make to you at because we are so very sure of the product we provide for our customer.